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Zygor Guides ReviewTalking about Zygor Guides is a very easy task, and this is because I have own it for such a long time, have gone through all their enhancements, tested all its features, and used their customer support. And let me tell you that Zygor guides shines in all those topics, making a big difference with all the other current guides in the market. If You are looking for an ingam tool that helps you leveling really fast any of your characters, choosing Zygor Guides is the wisest decision you can make.

Getting Zygor Guides is quick and easy, first of all, you have to go to the official site for Zygor Guides, powered by clickbank, which brings you an unconditional 60 days money back guarantee, no question asked, meaning that you will have no risk by trying zygor guides for two whole months, and let me tell you that during that period of time you will wonder why you haven’t used a similar tool since the beginning of your wow gaming experience. After getting Zygor Guides, you will be taken to the members area, where you will be able to download not only the addon itself, but also several other goodies that come as a bonus when you purchase Zygor Guides. On top of that you will be granted access to a very active set of forums, ranging from general topics all the way to the support forums. The author is a very active poster in all of them, as well as a lot of helpful people, that will make your game experience using Zygor Guides an amazing one.

Installing Zygor Guides is the first step in your journey, however, even if you have never done such a task, clear instructions, including a video will show you how to do it, it will take no more than 5-10 minutes, after to have downloaded the addon from the official site. As soon as you enter into your wow account, just make sure that the Zygor Guides addon is active, if not just select the appropriated box besides Zygor Guides in the activation screen, and you are done, now start enjoying Zygor Guides by entering into the game!

Now, Let’s Review Zygor Guides within the game itself!

With Zygor Guides active in your account, you will see some changes in your game screen, the most prominent and important are a guide window, and a pointing arrow, known as a waypoint. The game window updates in real time as you progress in your leveling, showing your next task in your leveling path, which, by the way is the fastest way to level, tested by many people in the author’s team, giving you the most expedite way to get more experience in the minimum time. Anyway, as soon as you get an item, complete a step, fulfill a quest, you will see your next tasks. it is also possible to peek into the next series of task, or to see the past ones, just in case you are either curious or want to see if you have skipped any quest. The waypoint, on the other hand is tied to the guide window, it will show the direction and distance, you have to take to get to your next objective, the one shown in the Zygor Guides game window.

Surely you have many questions about Zygor Guides. I will try to answer in this brief review, the most common ones. Like using Zygor Guides with an existing and quite leveled character. You will see that as soon as you enter the game, the guide windows adjust itself to both the level you are currently at, as well as the set of quest that you have done, and take its normal functioning from that point onward, with no problem at all, however, most people using the addon, including the author recommends to step back a couple of levels, just to pick up most of the quest and items that you may need from the current area that you are supposed to be. This is a nice feature of zygor guides, if I can say so myself.

While using Zygor Guides for leveling, you can also check within the bonus the profession guide, which tells you exactly what to do to max out any of the professions. So, do not skip this task and take advantage of it, that comes along with your purchase of Zygor Guides.

I will also tell you what Zygor Guides don’t cover. At least not at the moment, and I can not assure you that they will ever do. For starter, dungeons are not covered, and this is an important part of the game. I think that as part of the fun they should at least be introduced. The reason could be that leveling using quest outside dungeons is easier and faster, and this is could be a design decision when Zygor Guides were made. For the same reason battlegrounds are not covered either, this could be a downsize, most of all for people who prefer pvp. I keep thinking that adding either one of those features, even as an introductory one, would be awesome and well received by all the users of Zygor Guides.

I can not finish this review of Zygor Guides without telling you as a user of several guides or addons for world of warcraft, I keep using Zygor Guides most of the times, I find that not only they are easier to use than others, but also the updates of it are frequent. I have leveled many characters from level 1 to the cap level in a matter of days. I am sure that logging in for an hour or so into my account and following Zygor Guides directions will take me to the next level faster, and when I am done playing I feel that I have made quite some progress. I wish I had known of zygor guides sooner in my game career. I am very happy to have acquired zygor guides.

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