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zotrim reviewZotrim has been thoroughly tested through eight separate clinical trials to prove its effectiveness. The Zotrim office receives positive testimonials every single week at its UK office. The manufacturers claim that it really does work.

There are many sceptics who question all diet pills and believe they are an unhealthy way to help people lose weight. However, used in the correct way, Zotrim can help you lose weight effectively, healthily and forever. The diet capsule is made by Natural Remedies and is made with three natural ingredients: Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana. By themselves, none of these of these products would be enough to help you lose weight. But when mixed together in Zotrim, they are extremely effective. The three ingredients make you feel energized and motivated and also help to make you feel fuller sooner and for longer. This stops you eating so much, which in turn helps you to lose weight.

The eight clinical studies which took place were excellent proof of Zotrim’s ability to help users lose weight. The studies were placebo controlled and took into account weight loss, the amount of inches lost around the waist, the ability to maintain weight and the feeling of being fuller sooner and for longer. One study showed that Zotrim really did help the average student to eat much less and to stop eating sooner than they previously would have done.

One placebo-controlled study measured how long it took for a large amount of apple juice to pass through the students. Ultrasound was used to measure the rate at which the apple juice passed through the bodies and proved that Zotrim slowed down gastric emptying. This supported Zotrim’s claim that it helps you to feel fuller for longer.

Many people succumb to snacking on rubbish while watching television. A study was conducted to see if Zotrim was able to curb this urge, thus stopping people from consuming so many calories. A dramatic difference was observed between those taking Zotrim and those on the placebo pill. People on Zotrim were really able to cut down on the calories during this time.

The diet pill sceptics may still not be happy with this seemingly unquestionable proof. They could say that the results were conducted by Zotrim and could have been manipulated to show what Zotrim wanted them to. However, Zotrim receives so many testimonials every week which are all from people delighted with their weight loss while taking Zotrim. Four of these are shown on the Zotrim website. These testimonials were from four women who all managed to lose three stone while taking Zotrim and were overjoyed with their new figures.

The Most Effective Diet Pill

Zotrim has also been big news in the media. It has been reviewed in the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror. It has also been featured in the BBC show “Professor Regan’s Diet Clinic” where it was tested against two other diet pills and came out on top. Out of the three pills it was touted as the only one which actually seemed to work.

Scientifically Proven

Zotrim has been thoroughly tested through eight different clinical trials. Each trial was successful in reducing weight in the patients. This makes it the only diet pill on the market with scientific proof that it actually works as a diet aid. The eight trials were:

  • Placebo controlled study on weight loss. In 45 days, Zotrim users lost 11.3lbs on average, while the placebo group lost 0.7lbs.
  • Effect on weight maintenance. The average weight of 22 Zotrim users before the trial was 161lbs. A year later it was 160lbs.
  • Consumer study on weight loss and eating behaviour. Zotrim tablets were given to 50 adults who were told to take two before every meal. The average weight loss was 5.5lbs and 50% said they ate less than normal and 66% snacked less than normal.
  • Gastric emptying rate study. Seven people were asked to fast before this study. They were then given 20mls of apple juice followed by a further 400mls 15 minutes later. The rate of their gastric emptying was measured. On another occasion, the same test was carried out with a placebo pill. With Zotrim the average rate of gastric emptying was 58 minutes, with the placebo it was 38 minutes.
  • Time to fullness study. Subjects had to take Zotrim or a placebo pill 15 minutes before each meal. The average time till fullness over three meals was 35 minutes with Zotrim and 61 minutes with the placebo pill.
  • Effect of TV viewing and Zotrim on snacking. The results of this placebo study showed that Zotrim prevented snacking so much while watching television.
  • Weight loss study. Zotrim was given to 61 overweight women for four weeks. After four weeks the average weight loss was 4lbs, the average waist reduction was 4.3cm and subjects agreed they felt fuller for longer and preferred Zotrim to other weight loss programs they had tried.
  • Study with healthcare professionals. The average weight loss of 70 healthcare professionals in six weeks was 5.06lbs.The average waist reduction was 3.4cms and 22% of these lost over 5% of their original weight. They all reported feeling more satisfied after meals and snacked less in between meals.

Zotrim launched back in 2000 and has since then been recognized by the European Congress on Obesity, the British Food Journal and the Journal of Human Nutrition and Diabetics.

How to take Zotrim

To start with, take two Zotrim tablets before every meal. After two weeks, you may progress to taking three tablets before each meal, but no more than nine a day. In addition, you must start to cut down on the amount of unhealthy food you eat and become more active. Even the smallest change in your exercise routine will help. Try incorporating the following exercises into your daily activities and begin feeling the benefits:

  • Leave your car at home and walk to your local shops
  • Go for a 30-45 minute walk on your lunch time
  • Take the stairs instead of a lift

However, an exercise plan is not needed to get results with Zotrim.

Zotrim Ingredients

Natural Remedies is a company founded by three doctors in 2000. They are the manufacturers of diet pill Zotrim. Zotrim is able to help you to lose weight by slowing down your digestion and making you feel fuller quicker and for longer. This stops you eating so much. At the same time it makes you feel more energized and alert, enabling you to burn off more calories without really making an effort.

Zotrim uses three natural ingredients which makes it an attractive choice for vegetarians or anyone who doesn’t trust man made ingredients. There are a few inactive ingredients which make no difference to how you lose weight but enable the product to be made into a tidy little capsule.

The three active ingredients are Yerba Mate, Guarana, and Damiana. Each one is similar in its affects, but together, the three plant extracts are very effective.

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is a plant which grows in South America including Argentina, Brazil and Chile. It is ordinarily used as a sort of green tea or in energy drinks and other carbonated drinks. It has many documented benefits, with its primary role in Zotrim being its ability to help people lose weight.

It contains Xanthines which is similar to caffeine but without the downsides. Caffeine affects the central nervous system and too much can make you feel jittery, anxious and have heart palpitations. Xanthines do not do this. Instead it affects the muscles and makes you feel alert and energized.


Guarana is mostly found in the Amazon basin, particularly Brazil. It is a herb which contains caffeine. In fact, it contains more caffeine than a coffee bean and this is supposed to be a defensive toxin. In Guarana, caffeine is known as Guranine and is a very effective stimulant. Guranine is used in many energy drinks thanks to the feeling of alertness you get when drinking it. Unfortunately it does come along with the same side affects of caffeine.


Damiana can be found in central and south America. It has numerous advantages and has been used to make green teas for a long time. It is supposed to help many different illnesses and can also be used to increase your sex drive. The shrub used to be used in Spanish Margaritas, although this is not the case anymore. Damiana has been proven to help women with low estrogens, hot flushes and pre menstrual tension as well as infertility and menopause. In men in can calm down inflammation of the prostate. In both sexes it is useful for Fibromyalgia, low energy, emphysema, Lou Gehrig’s disease and other problems with reproductive organs. It really is considered a miracle shrub.

These three ingredients work together to help you lose weight. Used in conjunction with your existing weight loss program, Zotrim is a force to be reckoned with. Even if you do not have time for any exercise, the blend of these herbs will ensure you still see some results.

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