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I’ve spent the last few weeks researching Xenadrine Ultra and Cytogenix, the company behind it, why have I done this you may ask? Well, to be honest, I just was curious about the whole situation and what the actual risks behind Xenadrine Ultra where and if all the stigma in this situation has been blown out of proportion, or if it is well deserved? I’ve created this website to share my findings with the weight loss community and as a portal for you guys to voice up and share your real, honest reviews of Xenadrine Ultra (you can post your reviews in the comments). So before I indulge you in an honest, information packed Xenadrine Ultra Review.. let me just warn you, your in for a slight shock. I’ll be addressing the whole “ephedrine” situation (that I’m sure we all know about) and will be exploring the changes Cytogenix have made since then, along with..

Xenadrine History

Xenadrine was the birth child of Cytogenix, formerly Cytodyne. Xenadrine RFA-1 was the first of the products on the line and was pretty much a huge revolution on the scene, however following the banning of the chemical ephedra in early 2004 by the FDA due to some linked health problems, RFA-1 was removed from the market.

Cytogenix had been hit hard and had to come up with something new. The following year they came up with Xenadrine EFX an improved version of RFA-1, without the ephedra chemical, but with the same great weight loss effects.

They later released Xenadrine NRG, which works a different angle, it help’s you lose weight by giving you more energy when your working out, the energy boost typically lasts between 6 and 10 hours.

Ok so that was a few years ago, let’s fast forward to 2010, Cytogenix are back with a product that’s set to get them back the reputation they deserve, it’s called Xenadrine Ultra and is a huge improvement on EFX & RFA-1. They’ve also got a version of this focused more on weight loss for body builders, it’s called Xenadrine RZR-x.

How Does It Work?

How Xenadrine Ultra works, if it works, what it contains, the side effects, and more. Rather than bore you with 100% of the details (which would take up over 10 full-sized A4 pages), I’m just going to sum up what you need to know, I’ll give you all the pro’s, the con’s, a full blown review of Xenadrine Ultra, my experiences with it and what I’ve discovered from reading other peoples reviews from all over the internet before I decided to take the plunge..

So to start, I’ll ask you if you want to read more about Cytogenix, the company behind it all, if you do take a look at the Xenadrine History page. If you want to read more about the “ephedrine” situation you can take a look at the Xenadrine RFA-1 page (Cytogenix’s had to take this off the market and re-think there whole business model.) Ok, sorry for all the rambling, let’s get onto what your here for, the actual product, an honest review of Xenadrine Ultra!

Note: These are my findings from around the internet and my own personal experience of using it, I’ve gathered information from many of the available Xenadrine Ultra review sites. If you want to find out the product technical details, make sure you check out the Xenadrine Ultra about page (About it, Ingredience, Usage etc..). Now without further ado, let’s get onto the actual review.

Finally, the Xenadrine ULTRA Review..

Alright, so as I’ve said, I’ve been researching Xenadrine the last few weeks and if you’ve read the more in-depth descriptions you’ll know the basics! I did my research before trying it, so i’ll layout all the opinions I found online, then I’ll go onto my experiences with it.

Is Xenadrine ULTRA really worth it?

In a word, I’d have to say “maybe”. How can I put this? If your 110% sure you want to go all out and diet pill’s are your only option forward, I’d say go for it.

If your anything bellow that, your probably concerned about the risks associated with it. Well, as long as your not allergic to any of the ingredients (full list here) you can go ahead and give it a try. It’s 100% safe to take, but it does only give the full blown desired effects to about 85% of people, which is pretty darn high in the online dieting world!


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