Watercolor Painting

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American Watercolors
An online exhibit and interactive tour of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts collection of watercolors, includes works by Homer, Hopper, Prendergast, Sargent, Demuth, Marin, and Burchfield.

Victoria and Albert Museum
  British Watercolours (1750-1900)
  Watercolours of the Great Exhibition
  After Dark: Night Scenes from the Watercolour Collection
  Most Magnificent and Generous: Master Works from the Ionides Bequest

The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Painting, Watercolor
  North America
  South and Southeast Asia
  West Asia
Watercolor Painting in Britain (1750-1850)

LACMA: Watercolors
Browse American watercolors in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Collections Online.

ANSC 100 Image Library: Watercolor
View images of watercolor paintings by artists including Georgia O'Keeffe, Paul Klee, Mark Rothko and a small selection of others.

Exploring Winslow Homer's Watercolors
Learn more about Winslow Homer's watercolors with this online presentation from the Art Institute of Chicago.

The Fitzwilliam Museum
View over 1,700 objects related to watercolor in the online collections.

The Royal Collection
Watercolors and drawings from the collection of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

Brooklyn Museum: Watercolor
View around 314 objects in the museum's online collection.

Wikipedia: Watercolor Painting
Information about the history of watercolor painting in the United States and Europe, also includes an overview of various techniques plus images by several famous artists.
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Painting, Acrylic
Resource in the subject index of the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, includes works of art and related essays.

Iowa Digital Library: Acrylic Paintings
View items in the collections.

ANSC 100 Image Library
  Acrylic and Silkscreen


Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History: Painting, Oil on Canvas
  Central Europe
  Eastern Europe and Scandinavia
  Great Britain and Ireland
  Iberian Peninsula
  Italian Peninsula
  Low Countries
  North America
Painting, Oil on Wood 133 works of art and 11 related essays.

French Oil Sketches
An online exhibition from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, includes 53 images from the permanent collection.

The Getty: History of the Oil Sketch
A brief history of the oil sketch from the Getty Museum, includes images and links to representative artists.

Caught in Oils
View natural history paintings and portraits of famous naturalists from the Natural History Museum, London.

Brooklyn Museum: Oil Painting
View around 98 oil paintings online from the Brooklyn Museum.

Wikipedia: Oil Paintings
The history, techniques, and process of oil painting, also includes an image gallery of famous paintings and a description of the ingredients used to create the paint.
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