Dali, Salvador Magritte, Rene

See also: Periods and Movements, Pop Surrealism, Psychedelic

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Thematic Essays
  Photography and Surrealism

National Galleries of Scotland: Surrealism
Collection includes works by Joan Miro, Max Ernst, Andre Masson, Rene Magritte, and many others.

Guggenheim Collection Online
Includes selected paintings and sculpture from the permanent collection plus detailed information about the Surrealists and their work.

WebMuseum: Surrealism
A brief outline of the movement with a list of major artists.

WorldImages: California State University Image Project
  Surrealism & Metaphysical Painting
  Surrealist Sculpture

Surreal Things: Surrealism and Design
A past exhibit with nformation from the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Contains brief biographies of six well known surrealists.


Klimt, Gustav

Museums and Exhibits

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
A thematic essay about the development of symbolism, includes key artists and images.

Guggenheim Collection Online
Includes selected paintings and a drawing from the permanent collection plus detailed information about the Symbolists and their work.

Rijksmuseum: Symbolism
A collection of images with information for each from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.


What is Symbolism in Art?
An introduction to symbolism with a list of important artists and a large collection of images.

Symbolism: A Shadow of 19th century Paris
Includes an introduction to the movement, a review of several visual artists with images, and information about poetry with selected poems and writings.

Symbolist Art
An introduction to the movement from the Symbolism and Art Nouveau course at Boston College.

ANSC 100 Image Library: Symbolist Movement
A small collection of images from various artists, includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, and lithographs.

WorldImages Database
View around 139 images online from the California State University Image Project.

Wikipedia: Symbolism
The history of symbolism in visual arts, music, and literature. Also includes a list of symbolists, and an image gallery of paintings.


CGFA: Image Galleries
  Arnold Bocklin
  Odilon Redon

Ibiblio: Biographies and Image Collections
  Hieronymus Bosch
  Henri Rousseau

ArtRenewal: Biographies and Image Collections
  Arnold Bocklin
  Gustave Klimt
  Gustave Moreau
  Edvard Munch
  Franz von Stuck

Image Collections from Boston College
  Puvis de Chavannes
  Paul Gauguin
  Fernand Khnopff
  Gustave Moreau
  Edvard Munch
  Franz von Stuck

Edvard Munch
A resource site with a gallery, biography, photos, essays, and quotes.

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