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Start Potty Training ReviewIf your looking for a review of Carol Cline’s Start Potty Training guide then I’m pleased to provide you with just that. I’m about to give you insight without bias, so that if you were looking for details and viability before getting your own copy, then your in the right place.

What is the Start Potty Training guide?

Carol Cline has created a system for potty training your child with tough love and thorough procedures. There’s plenty of info out there on the subject of potty training, not mention the help your parents can provide on what they did with you. What Carol gives that’s different is a fully mapped-out system for 3 day potty training, with preparation guides and to-do lists, first day procedures, and most importantly emotional help with a very difficult task. An example of this is the 3 golden rules:

  • Be positive
  • Be consistent
  • Be persistent

Being positive is really your biggest duty. It can be a frustrating, and un-inspiring few days and your kids’ involvement will depend on how enthusiastic you stay on task. Many 3 day potty training programs end in potty training regression, simply for the fact that parents do not follow through with the tedious, and messy task’s: a.k.a being consistent/persistent. When looking through other potty training guides, I often notice how preparation is left out.

Carol Cline talks a LOT about how to prepare you & your child for potty training. Setting up beforehand, building excitement in the child, and dedicating 3 full days out of a busy schedule really separate success from failure. Being prepared means having a plan, and being emotionally ready for a part of parenting that can get quite stressful. Some of the things to prepare:

  • Letting the child pick out their new potty
  • Have plenty of clean sheets ready
  • Lot’s of high fiber snacks, and juice
  • Picking out big kid underpants
  • Toss out all your diapers
  • Block out 3 FULL days
  • Many more

The first day of potty training

The emphasis of the Start Potty Training program is on the first day. Getting the first day of the system down will make the next 2 days all the better. The build up to this point, and all the preparation is a design for first day success. Getting up early is important, starting the day off right with a good fiber-filled breakfast and lot’s of liquids is essential for the most obvious of reasons.

“Do you have to go potty?”

The one line you’re surely going to repeat, and on the first day you say it probably every 30 minutes. Carol Cline’s Start Potty Training eBook, with emphasis on the 3 golden rules, explains the importance of constantly asking this question- and being absolutely ready when the answer is yes. Making sure you express the importance of what you and your child are doing, but not over-doing it is a delicate balance that I thought Carol really honed in on well. The amount of time to stay in the bathroom, or how often to check into the bathroom with your child for psychology’s sake. All the way to the end of the night, you’ll be given specific steps to make the most of your’s and your child’s abilities to conquer this difficult lesson. Even while sleeping, or just after going to sleep, the potty training will continue with specific procedures and techniques to help implant the idea of being potty trained.

The Good, The Bad, and the potty.

The bad:

  • It is VERY hard for working parents to get away from our schedules for a full 3 days
  • Throwing out all the diapers makes you a little vulnerable to potty training messes.

Dedication to these particular points can be tough to do. Except for the fact that potty training IS tough. In the Start Potty Training system you learn a lot about the psychology of not only your child, but your own as well. If you know that you can take a break from the hard stuff by just putting a diaper back on for a little while, then you’ll keep the progress you’ve made from moving forward.

The good:

  • Step-by-step procedure
  • Full preparation plan
  • Emotional guidance
  • How to handle bed wetting
  • All-out assault on the the dirty business of diapers

Carol Cline’s Start Potty Training guide put’s forth an easy to read and easily implementable plan for getting your child potty trained. The Best part though, is how much you learn about parenting in general. This is really one of your most important bonding moments with your kids. You learn something about yourself while helping your child learn about independence- something you don’t get anywhere else.


After nearly 60 pages of in-depth information, I’m convinced there is no better way to learn how to potty train than with Carol Cline’s Start Potty Training program. Looking online can give plenty of details on where to look, or general ides about how to start potty training, but nothing comes close to kind of process that is laid out for you in this book. Tough love will get you to the end of this system, and real love will keep it in place. I’ve learned a ton with this Start Potty Training eBook, even things about how to parent an 8 year old who’s long been potty trained.

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