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sizegenetics reviewSizegenetics is a quality penis enlargement product that provides men who are searching for a way to enlarge their penis an option that requires no surgery or expensive medical procedure to be applied. It was tested by medical experts through the use of several clinical trials in order to confirm its effectiveness and lack of side effects. Few comparable penis enlargement devices were subjected to the rigorous tests and trials that the creators of Sizegenetics insisted on using.

Following the successful clinical trials, the product was made available to the general public and for the past few years the penis enlargement device has established a reputation for providing safe and effective enlargement. It remains the only penis enlargement device that has little or no side effects so and this is one of the reasons why it’s so popular.

Key Features of Sizegenetics

Understanding the key features of any product prior to making a purchase will increase your chances of being completely satisfied with the penis enlargement device that you buy. The key features of the SG penis enlargement device are:

  • Safe With No Side Effects
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Type 1 Medical Device Rating
  • Rubber Strap Technology for Added Comfort
  • It is Safe With No Side Effects

One of the factors that made Sizegenetics more popular and well-known than the other penis enlargement products on the market today is the added safety. This is not surprising since the Sizegenetics penis enlargement product is manufactured using the highest quality materials available in the industry. This fact was shown by the series of clinical trials. The materials used when manufacturing SG are endorsed by medical experts who are dedicated to ensuring consumer safety.

Additionally, because of the high quality of materials used when creating SG, it has no noticeable side effect caused by unsafe chemicals unlike similar products in the market. This is one of the only penis enlargement products in the market that one could use and feel safe while doing so. It does not require users to rely on pills, oils and creams; some of which are known to be dangerous to the body.

It is Extremely Affordable

Perhaps the greatest reason SG is growing more popular is because it is more affordable for the average consumer. It is cheaper to buy Size genetics than to invest in expensive surgical procedures that enlarge the penis. Penis enlargement surgery could cost as much as ten thousand dollars, and comes with many dangers that place a person’s long-term health at risk. Alternatively, an interested person can purchase Size genetics for less than three hundred and fifty dollars for a one year supply making it two hundred dollars cheaper than many comparable penis enlargement products.

Type 1 Medical Device Rating

The medical rating of a device is used to let potential buyers know how safe, or dangerous, the medical product they are interested in using is. SG is a safe and harmless product which could be used with ease and has little or no side effects causing it to receive a Type 1 medical device rating. This is the classification given to medical or health products that are made with potential medical risks and mind to keep the products low risk.

With this medical rating in mind, it is not surprising that SG is backed by different medical professionals. These professionals believe SG not only helps enlarge the penis, but can also serve as a non-surgical way of correcting some common penis related issues. Men who suffer from penis related medical problems can often benefit from using SG.

Rubber Strap Technology for Added Comfort

The manufacturers of SG make use of a revolutionary rubber strap technology that was recently introduced. The technology makes it possible for all the points of contact on the device to be spread to more areas providing greater comfort when the extender is used. This is revolutionary because it has done away with silicon straps that are commonly used on many other penis enlargement products. Additionally, the products come with free spare part straps so that replacing the straps if they deteriorate does not become a major problem.

What’s Included
  • Penis Enlargement Device
  • Storage and Travel Case
  • Traction Plus Powder
  • Revita Cream Aftercare
  • Replacement Rubber Straps
  • Penis Health Guide
Does It Have a Warranty?

Yes, It comes with a 6 month manufacturer’s warranty that promises a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Additionally, buyers are able to contact the 24 hour customer support staff if they have any questions or need help with their purchase.

What Customers are Saying

SG has received hundreds of reviews online from buyers who were surprised by the results they achieved once they began using the penis enlargement device. The average user reported a growth of as much as 3 inches once they started using Size genetics regularly. Owners were also surprised by how comfortable the device felt when in use. A few current SG owners reported that the devices they used in the past pinched, pulled, and were completely uncomfortable; while Size genetics did not cause any discomfort.

Minor Issues

Like most products, SG had a few minor issues that were reported by owners. The only issue that was common was that the straps would sometimes wear out when the device was used frequently. Fortunately, the SG comes with replacement straps and if those free straps are used an owner can order new straps from the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

There are no doubts that there are many benefits that one would derive from an increase in the size of his penis. The great advantage of SG is that it increases the size of the penis by three inches without causing pain or discomfort. This helps to increase the confidence on the part of the man. SGs are available in many outlets in various markets across the world. The creators of Sizegenetics are willing to stand behind their product and are sure that buyers will be satisfied with their purchase.

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