Science Fiction Art

Aliens, UFOs & Crop Circles
Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature

See also: Dark, Fantasy, Paranormal, Space

Maison d’Ailleurs
Switzerland museum with a collection of more than 70,000 objects related to science fiction including books, toys, posters, and fine art.

Science Fiction Hall of Fame
An Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum online exhibition dedicated to the masters of science fiction, includes biographies and photographs.

From Verne to Vonnegut: A Century of Science Fiction
A University of Delaware Library exhibition in special collections that includes information and images representing early works in books and magazines, popular subjects, plus material created by African Americans and women.

WVU Libraries: Isaac Asimov
An online exhibit in the digital collections of the West Virginia University Libraries that includes a biography, a selection of images, and related links.

Victims of the Vortex
An exhibit from Virginia Tech Imagebase that features around 44 images of magazine cover art and other illustrations.

Science Fiction: Rare Books Exhibition
A Monash University exhibition of science fiction book and magazine cover art.

A Jules Verne Centennial: 1905-2005
Features images of maps, cover art, and woodcut illustrations that can be found only in early editions of Verne's works.

Science Fiction Society: Pulp Magazines
View a collection of magazine covers including Analog, Amazing Stories, Astounding Science Fiction, and more in the University of Massachusetts Special Collections.

Life on Mars
View science fiction illustrations and magazine covers from the 1920s - 1950s, an online exhibit from the Digital Library and Archives, University Libraries, Virginia Tech.

Science Fiction Pulps and Fanzines
Information and images from the Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery, Special Collections.

Bud Foote Gallery
View a selection of images online from the Bud Foote Science Fiction Collection, includes illustrations from At the Earth’s Core, A Princess of Mars, Works of Jules Verne, and others.

The George Kelly Collection
An online collection of cover art from more than 25,000 pulp fiction books and magazines, includes science fiction as well as adventure, mystery, horror, and other popular subjects, a University at Buffalo Libraries presentation. See also: Science Fiction Stories

The Visual Index of Science Fiction Cover Art
An online collection of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and weird fiction cover art from the early 20th century to the present day.

Models of Invention: The Science Fiction of Leonardo da Vinci
Explores Leonardo's work as a form of futurism, this site is an online version of the exhibition presented by the University of Technology Sydney.

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