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Phone Detective ReviewsMy phone was ringing off the hook, with constant, worthless, terribly annoying hang-ups, and it was driving me out of my mind! I didn’t know whether the problem was from telemarketers, whether it was maybe just one of those scams by a car warranty place, or whether it was just a bunch of plain harassing callers. I needed to get some information so I could put an end to the madness! I desperately needed some sort of “phone detective.”

I scoured the Internet, books, my friends, looking for a method that would tell me exactly who was making all these calls to me. If I had a name and an address, I could make sense of the situation and be able to take appropriate action. Finally, I found something called Phone Detective that did exactly provide all that and more. Thanks to Phone Detective, I could get some much-needed information. I put an end right away to those annoying calls. You can too!

What is Phone Detective?

Phone Detective is a new website I found that promises to provide information on any phone number entered, giving you an extensive page with all the results of the number you entered: name, address, phone number, what phone company they use, etc. This is a powerful web tool, and it’s so simple and easy to use.

Phone Detective will take any phone number you enter into its search bar, whether it’s the number of a cell phone or a landline, and automatically bring you back the name and address that it is connected to. It’s fast and easy to use, and the control and power that it offers over technological identity is an incredible feeling.

The system that Phone Detective uses to make such an interesting, valuable service is called “reverse phone lookup.” Its database is connected to thousands of phone books, directories, and white pages. You can find information on any phone number you put into its system, whether it’s a landline or a cell phone. Incredible!

Why should I use Phone Detective?

I think everyone should give Phone Detective a try! I was so happy with my own experience with Phone Detective that I wanted to write this today and recommend it to you. It’s simple and easy to use (just sign up, do a short registration, and put a number into the search bar), and the results are almost instantaneous and so helpful.

Your search is 100% confidential. Whether you’re doing research on a phone bill (Maybe you need some info on that mysterious charge if you don’t recognize it!)… Whether you are tracing an unwanted caller (If you’re being harassed and they won’t stop, Phone Detective will provide you with some options!)… Or whether you need to verify an address, you can put your complete trust into Phone Detective to get the work done!

You never know when you might need to use the Phone Detective tool. It might be that mysterious phone number that called late on a Friday night, or it might be a call you miss tomorrow night from someone you don’t know at all. Better safe than sorry: sign up for the service now just in case!

Uses for Phone Detective:

A reverse phone look-up could help you find answers if you’re worried about or are interested in any of the following:

  • A cheating spouse
  • A prank caller
  • A suspicious number on your phone bill
  • Locating an old friend
  • Unrecognizable missed calls from your Caller ID
  • Verifying an address
  • And more…

And as previously mentioned, Phone Detective searches are completely confidential.

How is Phone Detective unique?

There are certainly other services that may make similar claims as Phone Detective (that they’ll automatically look up any phone number you give them and come back with a result), but Phone Detective is definitely the superior option in my opinion. There are two reasons for this: one, a much more extensive database of numbers; and two, more extensive results for you from each search.

First of all, the extensive database– other services for looking up phone numbers (and there are multiple, inferior ones, believe you me!) have only a single data stream. Phone Detective has the advantage of having merged multiple data sources into one to deliver more comprehensive results to you. Though having every single phone number in a database is impossible, Phone Detective has 95% of them, which is the highest I’ve ever seen!

Second of all, more extensive results– Phone Detective surpasses its competitors in phone-number-lookup services in results too! You will get a clean, comprehensive report that shows you much more than what you will get from other services — you will get the name, number, and address with your results, but also the person’s cell phone carrier, a map of his or her current residence, and even past locations. I guarantee that you will get your dollar’s worth with Phone Detective!

So How Much Does Phone Detective Cost?
  • $39.95 for the Premium Membership
    Full Phone Report with Unlimited reverse phone look-ups for one year.
  • $14.95 for a Full Phone Report
    Good for one phone number look-up only

Phone Detective also comes with an 8 week guarantee. If you don’t like it or feel you don’t receive accurate reverse phone look-up information, simply request a refund – no questions asked. If you look at the different price points, the best deal clearly is the Premium Membership. You will more than likely use this service at least three times in one year; three calls that makes your investment worthwhile.

Why become a Phone Detective member?

For members, the site Phone Detective offers an unlimited number of reverse phone number lookups — the service is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days of the year. That means, for only a one time fee, you can have a tighter grip on who is calling you, who that phone number is for, etc.; you will not be charged monthly like other phone-number-lookup services.

Phone Detective is committed to providing quality services in an honest and ethical fashion. Any signs of misuse or abuse are swiftly reported and taken care of — though rare, issues with identity have cropped up in the past. Phone Detective is always working to stay safe and customer-focused. This service has given millions of people a helpful solution to their problems, and I’m confident it will help thousands upon thousands more.

I myself had an extremely good experience with Phone Detective. You should sign up and give it a try for yourself sometime; I am quite sure that you’ll also be very happy with the service. You’ll see how valuable and informative it can become in your life, and how good it can feel to have that control and power back in your life! You don’t have to be ruled by a little ten-digit number — take some of that power back, with the help of Phone Detective!

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