Mathematical Art

Crop Circles
Sacred Geometry

MC Escher

See also: Computer Art, Science in Art

The Bridges Organization
Includes mathematical art exhibits, a virtual museum, a resource center and more.

AMS: Math Imagery
Explore mathematics and art in online image galleries presented by the American Mathematical Society, includes geometric sculptures, fractals, quilts, origami, and more.

Heaven on Earth
Missionaries and the Mathematical Arts in 17th-century Beijing
View 105 scans from Ferdinand Verbiest's Xinzhi Yixiangtu, a Museum of the History of Science, Oxford online exhibition.

Compass and Rule
A Museum of the History of Science, Oxford online exhibition featuring early modern architectural and scientific material including an astrolabe made for Queen Elizabeth I, architectural drawings by King George III, and Sir Christopher Wren's drawings of St Paul's Cathedral.

Dream-Catcher Mandalas
Mathematical art by Louis A. Talman, Department of Mathematical & Computer Sciences, Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Geometry in Art and Architecture
Art, mathematics, and architecture from Egypt to the present.

Mathematics in Art and Architecture
Course content and additional information from the National University of Singapore, includes a useful selection of links to web resources.

Mathematical Artwork
Thumb gallery with image enlargements and explanations.

Virtual Math Museum
Collections include fractals & chaos, plane curves, space curves, a mathematical art section with artist biographies and more.

Geometry Through Art
What children can learn about art and geometry.

Mathematical Imagery
Mathematical images created by Jos Leys, includes fractals, biomorphic fractals, celtic knots, 3d geometry and more.

Math Art
Singularity knots, pictures generated with vort, and 3d fractals.

Mathematical Art of MC Escher
Article on the mathematical art of MC Escher, with emphasis on inspiring the student to see mathematics with fresh eyes.

The Math Museum
Goudreau Museum of mathematics in art and science.

Geometry Junkyard: Origami
Several articles relating origami to geometry, with links to others.

Mandelbrot Set
Fractal images generated from a simple mathematical formula.

Fractal Expressionism
Discusses whether science can further our understanding of art.
Information about tessellations from their history and development to galleries of examples, tutorials, and software.

Symmetry and Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets
In this online exhibit, the study of symmetry is used to analyze patterns in Oriental carpets.

George W. Hart
Geometric sculpture, polyhedra, and trilobites.

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