Jim Dine

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First recognized for his performance art, Happenings, in New York City and later for his pop art paintings depicting common objects such as articles of clothing, hearts, and tools. In addition to painting, drawing and performance art he was also involved with sculpture, assemblage, stage design, printmaking, music, poetry, and book illustration. In all he produced over 3000 works.

Lived: 1935 -

Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio

Nationality: American

Education: BFA from Ohio University

Movement: Pop/Neo-Dada

Birthday and astrological sign: June 16, Gemini

AKA: James Dine

Quote: I do not think that obsession is funny or that not being able to stop one's intensity is funny.

More: His works were included in the New Painting of Common Objects exhibit which was the first ever American museum exhibit of pop art, the first prints he made were a series of lithographs called The Crash which commemorated the death of a friend, and he painted bathrobes as self portraits.

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