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InteligatorInteliGator a reverse phone lookup company has over 2 billion records now in there database which makes it one of the largest databases of public and private information available to the general public. The reverse phone lookup system can recover virtually any type of information whether it be public, private or criminal.

InteliGator reverse cell phone lookup system is able to search 280,000,000 phone numbers by clicking the search button. The service is fast, reliable and accurate. The reverse phone lookup database has a 98% accuracy rating which is better than most services.

Inteligator Reverse Phone Lookup Reporting

When the report is issued it is laid out in an easy to read format. Everything is set in columns and everything is explained so their is no guess work. The reporting is complete and comprehensive and is packed with tons of information about the person you are searching on. The information that the reverse phone lookup service returns is as follows depending on the package your choose:

  • Full Name of the Owner
  • Current Address Information
  • Phone Carrier Information
  • Additional Phone Number(s)
  • Relatives and Associates
  • Birth date
  • Email Addresses
  • Public Records

Reverse Phone Lookup Search Results

After entering the phone number Inteligator reported back the search results. The result page is easy to read and shows the partial information. Once all the information is verified the full report can be accessed.

Reverse Phone Lookup Service Privacy

There is no need to worry about the anyone finding out that you are searching for information. The reverse cell phone lookup service does not give out your information while searching for the private information.


  • Trial Price
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Simple user interface
  • Attentive support
  • Billions of records
  • Criminal record search
  • 280,000,000 Phone number search
  • Needs to have more in the partial information
  • Support hours are only Monday-Friday

InteliGator support will provide answers to questions and are available Monday-Friday – 9am – 7pm PST. Their support staff will answer questions or problems within 24 hours.

InteliGator is so confident of their results when an individual does a reverse phone lookup they offer a 60 day guarantee.


Inteligator is our winner for many reasons. The most important ones are for the accuracy of their reports and the ease of use of the website. Unlike many provider, this one brings you right to where you want to go and gives you exactly what you are looking for. No spam, no ad, only the important information you need, aka the report on the person who is calling you.

You probably tried to find a free source of information about a caller, but it’s always the same results…a big wast of time. Every time you think that you are on the right site, you end up subscribing to a newsletter, after a series of unpleasant pup-ups, only to find out that you will not get what you need. Inteligator is a fast and reliable resource to perform a reverse telephone lookup.

You can get a complete report now for only $1! Many sites charge as much as 20 times that amount to get the same report. An other important factor to consider is that they have a secure payment form, powered by one of the biggest transaction processing platform on the web, to avoid any kind of fraud.

Inteligator reviews


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