Hydroxycut Hardcore Review

Hydroxycut Hardcore ReviewThe big dilemma for any serious body builder is how to retain plenty of muscle mass, whilst losing fat and getting that ‘ripped’ and defined look that helps win competitions and make you the envy of all your fellow gym addicts. The fact is that muscle tissue is constantly ‘reorganising’. New muscle is being added constantly, but old muscle tissue is also being lost as it is reintegrated into the body.

Every time you do the kind of brutal workout needed to trigger muscle growth, you risk losing your hard fought for muscle gains. So you have to make sure the amount of kilojoules you ingest outweighs what is being ‘burnt’ in exercise.

This in turn can lead to the body storing fat. If you are adding plenty of muscle but also adding fat, this totally undercuts the point of elite level body building. So it is not surprising that the market is swamped with supplements that claim to act as ‘fat burners’, that is they allow you to retain muscle mass, whilst ‘burning’ fat.

How Does Fat Burners Works?

So how do thermogenic fat burners, and specifically, Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series work?

  • Thermogenic fat burners allow energy to be ‘burnt’ by the creation of heat
  • Heat is created in the body via rigourous exercise
  • The new Hydroxycut Pro Series formulation has anti catabolic effects
  • Anti catabolic means that it prevents the loss of muscle via wastage which can occur during exercise and via the use of some fat burners
  • The new formula uses ‘Lipodril’ ™ which acts as an anti catabolic agent, containing ingredients that actually help build muscle
  • It also contains active ingredients that help with ‘lipolysis’ which is the process whereby fat is converted into energy which can then be used as part of a workout
  • Use of this formula increases plasma norepinephrine by as much as 90+%, which is the main hormone that contributes to the breakdown of fat
  • It also has active ingredients that help with accelerating overall metabolism
  • It comes in liquid ‘fast release’ capsules, so you can start to feel the effects very quickly

How Hydroxycut Pro Series Works?

The original Hydroxycut formula by MuscleTech has proven to be the most successful fat burner ever, and the new formula takes it up a notch. Muscle Tech is a company that has been at the cutting edge of research into achieving optimum body building results and they have left no stone unturned. So why is Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series such a radical departure from any other thermogenic fat loss supplement. There are a number of reasons including:

  • They became aware of a third party ingredient mentioned in research in the journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics which was a precursor for the body’s most powerful fat burning hormone
  • This fat burning hormone is called norepinephrine and it plays a critical role in breaking down fat and turning it into energy
  • Subjects were tested at regular 30 minute intervals and those using the third party ingredient that increased this hormone level, showed an increase of as much as 92%
  • This ingredient is now a key factor in what makes Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series the pre eminent new fat burner

You’ve probably heard a fair bit about ‘thermogenic’ fat burners. They work by activating the body’s ability to turn fat into energy which is shed via heat. You may notice that when you work out you become hotter – this is thermogenics in action, and the effect can be heightened by enhancing the amount of hormones that play a key role in this function. Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series goes a few steps further though by combining ingredients that have some effects that will interest all serious body builders. For example:

  • It increases overall metabolism
  • It utilises a substance called ‘Lipodril’ ™ which is anti catabolic
  • Anti Catabolic means that it actually helps you retain muscle – it helps prevent the muscle losses which can occur as a result of the intensive exercise required to trigger massive growth

Hydroxycut FAQ

Q: The key driver in Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series is said to boost the levels of a hormone that burns fat. What is this hormone and what is the research?
A: The hormone is called norepinephrine and it occurs naturally in the body. It plays a key role in breaking down fat for energy. In the journal of Clinical Pharmacolgy and Therapeutics a study into this key driver found that it increased this naturally occurring hormone by as much as 92%!

Q: What is thermogenesis, and what is its significance for body builders?
A: Thermogenesis is the process whereby fat is transformed into heat which is lost from the body. Exercise can create a thermogenic effect, which you notice by becoming hotter as you work out.

Q: Why would body builders need to take a fat burner if they are working out so much?
A: Body builders are striving to create the leanest but most muscular physique they can. By doing the kind of extreme exercise needed to add muscle bulk, they are having to ingest a huge amount of extra nutrients such as proteins and carbohydrates. They want to add muscle and keep it, but if they do not ingest enough they can actually lose muscle. This increased intake of nutrients can add fat, and even a little bit is a deal breaker for any serious body builder. So it’s a balancing act and the amazing thing about Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series, is that it not only targets fat, it has an anti catabolic effect for helping to retain your hard fought for muscle gains as well.

Q: What is so special about Hydroxycut Pro Series compared to other fat burners?
A: In some ways there is no comparison. Hydroxycut hardcore X contains a third party ingredient that massively increases levels of a naturally occurring hormone that plays a pivotal role in breaking down fat and turning it into energy. Not only that it has anti catabolic effects which means it helps retain existing muscle whilst naturally boosting your metabolism. There is a reason it is the most popular fat burning range on the market – it works and it is always being improved.

Overall Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series is the most effective and most cutting edge fat burner now available on the market.


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