HCG Diet Phases Explained

HCG ExplainedIf you’ve already began your weight loss journey you may have heard about the different Phases that surround the HCG diet. For the beginners this can raise a great deal of confusion understanding the origin of the Phases, and the correct way to follow them. Understanding how the Phases work and play a part within the diet is essential for succeeding in this weight loss journey.

Originally creator Dr. A.T.W. Simeons’ HCG protocol had no mention of different phases. Instead there were steps one should take for best results for the HCG diet. In 2007 successful author Kevin Trudeau who highly popularized the diet with his “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About” book introduced Phases of the diet. Even though the Phases of the HCG diet weren’t formally introduced in Dr. A.T.W. Simeons’ “Pounds and Inches”, they were quickly adopted and applied to help make sense of the diet. The HCG diet Phases are made up of 4 different parts. Modern day dieters have used Kevin Trudeau’s Phase structure but Dr. Simeon’s protocol.

Phase 0(or known as Phase 1 for some that follows the Kevin Trudeau method)

This phase was added by Trudeau, it refers to the cleansing phase. This phase is mainly skipped by most dieters and is not necessary when beginning the HCG diet. If you would like to prepare yourself for a VLCD(very low calorie diet) as well as weening yourself off of bad eating habits, then you should consider this phase.

Phase 1

This is where most dieters begin as stated above. Phase 1 introduces the first two days of the diet. Known as the “loading” period in which one indulges on as much high fat food as they can. You may think what is the point ? The reason for this period of consuming very high fat food is to alert the body of the extra fat calories needed to be burned once on the following Phase.

Phase 2

Here you will begin the intake of HCG(drops or injections). Depending on the amount of weight loss desired this phase can last 20 or 40 days. Along with the intake of HCG, one is introduced to a VCLD as well. If you are unsure about which foods to consume while under the VCLD, it’s recommended to read Dr. Simeon’s “Pounds and Inches”. It is free to download over the internet. There are also resources on HCG online as well as HCG Cookbooks to give you creative meals to follow while on the diet.

Phase 3

Also referred to as the stabilization Phase, Phase 3 lasts for 3 weeks. Phase 3 is a continuation of Phase 2 instead the calorie allowance is raised, a few less food restrictions, and no more HCG is needed. One must stay away from starches, sugar and it is recommended not to go back to your bad eating habits. This Phase will allow for the HCG to leave your system and your weight to stabilize.

Phase 4

The last and final phase that will be completed over the course of the rest of your life. This is known as the maintenance phase, you should have reached the end of your goal. This is where you will need to continue a healthy lifestyle. Most HCG dieters normally don’t gain their weight back. Reasons are due to reset metabolism, change in lifestyle choices, and exercise.

What Exactly Is HCG Diet and How To Use It?

HCG Diet InsideThe abbreviation, HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin which is a hormone found in both men and women, but is produced in excess for pregnant females. The hormone plays a large part in controlling a pregnant woman’s metabolic functions. In his research, British physician A.T.W. Simeons discovered the hormone increases the metabolism even in non-pregnant women. Which causes the abnormal fat to be used and expelled. When on a VLCD(very low calorie diet) without HCG, test subjects experienced side effects of extreme hunger cravings, irritability, weakness and/or headaches.

The diet became wildly popular with reports of rapid weight loss with no signs of muscle loss. Dr. Simeons research suggests VLCD, together with a small dose of HCG results in an average weight loss of 1 to 2 lbs a day.

With the combination of taking HCG and following a VLCD, abnormal fat releases and our bodies are restructured along with our brains to be taught to reassess food and lifestyle habits completely and permanently. Dr. Simeon’s protocol requires a healthy balanced diet in order to achieve success with it. This consists of fruits, vegetables, and fish, poultry, or meat.

Tips to succeed on the HCG Diet.

To succeed with most diets with no exception with this one, it is recommended to watch closely on the type of food you consume and the correct portion sizes. It is key to plan out your meals so there is no question on what your eating for each meal for that day. We suggest the HCG Cookbook which consists of easy to make HCG diet compliant recipes. This will allow you to make your meals without any thought behind it. In order to maintain healthy living one must continue with a well balanced diet with portion control.

Methods of taking HCG.

You may of heard so much about this diet but are unsure what methods to take or how to take HCG. We understand it can get somewhat overwhelming when finding the best methods to take HCG online.

There are two ways to take HCG: Injections and Oral.


Here at HCG online, HCG injections are our least favorite way to take HCG. To take HCG injections we advise you be VERY familiar with administrating and the use of syringes. Improper use can cause bruising, soreness, or in worst cases cysts. Along with the difficulty of administrating the injections, they are in some parts illegal. The price range of the injections are the same if not similar to the oral methods. If you do opt to take the injections route we recommend you be VERY skilled in administrating injections.


There was a time when injections where the only way anyone had the ability to take HCG. This discovery has allowed HCG to be mixed with the help of aids to give you the ability for it to be absorbed through the mouth under the tongue. The birth of taking HCG orally became wildly popular with it’s convenience and ease to use. Oral methods are proven to be just as effective as injections with a sometimes cheaper cost/more bang for your buck.

Having the Right Mindset Before Your HCG Purchase

HCG Diet PurchaseYou may have read great things about HCG online. From rapid weight loss, increased metabolism, to no loss of muscle while on the diet. These things are all true but what most won’t tell you the required preparation in many forms one must take. You have to prepare yourself mentally. Usually people start this diet without the proper preparation and end up failing. Shortly after, their heard calling the HCG diet a scam because they had no success with it. You must take the way you think mentally into not only the HCG diet but any diet seriously.

Here are some things to get you prepared mentally for success on the HCG diet.

Setting the Expectations

Remember any diet you do that is worth while and legal will require work and dedication. Many people fail to realize this and end up jumping from diet to diet with no success. You must set the expectations when beginning this diet. If you go into it with a easy “piece of cake” mindset any hurdle you come across you will want to quit. But if you set the expectation that this journey will require work and dedication you will succeed and come out on top.

Close your Ears

Believe it or not, who you surround yourself with can play a huge part of whether you succeed or not.  There will be so many naysayers that will tell you the HCG diet is a scam or your wasting your time. The best thing you can do is keep it to yourself or if you must tell someone don’t listen to their negative responses. This may sound a little extreme but it is necessary for successful weight loss. What others say plays a heavy impact on your actions. Naysayers will be everywhere from news/media, various Internet websites, and friends & family. It’s important you listen to yourself and leave your success in your possession not in the hands of others.

Stay Positive

This is as important before you begin to while your on the HCG diet. If you believe the diet doesn’t work it will not work. Lets explain this statement. Your willingness to make this work and fit into your lifestyle will be significantly lower if your attitude is skeptical or no belief in it. To avoid this it’s best to surround yourself around positive things to keep you motivated while on your journey.

So how bad do you want it ?

It all boils down to that question. That will determine your weight loss results. Follow this advice and you shouldn’t have any problem being mentally prepared for the HCG diet.

The Benefits of Planning Your Meals On the HCG Diet

Meals On the HCG DietNo matter what diet you decide to begin, one of the most important parts to a successful diet is the meals you eat. Being one of the more important components to successful weight loss, it’s often overlooked and under planned by dieters. We often get amazed with the potential weight loss we can receive but never fully plan accordingly. The HCG diet is one of those special diets where you can lose amazing amounts of weight. However, it’s one of those diets where your weight loss is dependent on the foods you eat. I’ve found success with this diet by planning out my meals. This eliminated any interferences that may have cause me to drop off of the diet. I will teach you the benefits of planning your meals.

First and foremost, we all live busy lives. We all have prior commitments that eat up most of our days. Whether it be work, spouses, kids, or traveling. Whatever it is, we rather not have these activities put on the back burner because we are beginning a diet. Ever been ready to make a meal and come to find out you don’t have the product? If you take one day out of the beginning of your week to plan your meals, you will eliminate frequent trips to the supermarket for product you don’t have. Having a sound plan will leave you with time you never thought you had.

Staying on the diet is crucial to your weight loss. Not knowing what’s on the agenda gives temptation an avenue in. Especially for the lucky individuals who have family or friends that aren’t participating in your diet plan. Being aware of what’s on your HCG diet menu will not only keep you motivated but, will help you stay on the diet. How many times have you been amongst others or even yourself wondering what you’ll eat? We all do it. There will never be that question as to what you have to eat.

Planning my meals when I began the diet was something I wish someone told me to do before I even began the diet. Once I started to plan every meal at the beginning of every week, it has relieved tons of stress and freed up a lot of my time. If you haven’t started to plan your meals what are you waiting for ?


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