Ghost Pictures

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Concerning the Spiritual in Photography
An exhibition from the photographic research center at Boston University, includes an introduction to Spiritualism and spirit photography, a selection of images and links to the artists in the exhibition.

Tate Collection: Subject Search
View around 27 ghost images and 10 images of hauntings in the Tate Online Collection including works by William Blake, Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Ivor Abrahams, Joseph Mallord William Turner, and others. Click on religion and belief, then scroll down to magic and occultism to view the images.

ArtMagick: Ghosts
A selection of images representing spirits and ghostly figures by artists such as Emma Florence Harrison, Harold Hitchcock, Henry Meynell Rheam, and others.

Beyond the Grave
A brief history of spirit photography, from the American Philosophical Society.

BBC: Ghostly Photos
An online gallery of user contributed photos.

The Jackie Gleason Collection
An online exhibition of material related to parapsychology including a small selection of spiritual photography.

Luminous-Lint Online Exhibition
Ghosts, apparitions, angels, spiritual visitations and views of the future.

Do you believe? - A Ghostly Gallery
Online gallery from the American Museum of Photography featuring rare photos showing ghosts, ectoplasm and spirit mediums.

Science vs. Seance
More spirit photographs from the American Museum of Photography.

The Haunted Museum
Ghost research and other unusual events from the spiritualism era up to the modern day. Includes lots of photographs and articles.
Gallery of hoax spirit photography from the civil war. Includes breif descriptions of each photo.

Jack and Beverly's Spirit Photographs
For the purpose of amusement, the photographer might carry us even into the regions of the supernatural.

Unusual Photographs
Animals and spirits, orbs, ectoplasm, and other interesting photos.

Includes unexplained real photographs as well as obvious fakes. Also includes tips on spirit photography.

The Brown Mountain Lights
One of the most famous of North Carolina legends, investigated at least twice by the U.S. Geological Survey.
Collection of real and fake photos, also has EVP and accepts user submissions.
Facts about hauntings, true stories, haunted places and ghostly photographs.

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