Fractal Art

See also: Computer Art, Mathematical Art

Sekino's Fractal Gallery
An online fractal gallery with images and information created by Dr. Junpei Sekino, Willamette University, Salem, Oregon.

The Paul Carlson Fractal Museum
Mr. Carlson's amazing fractals, hosted as a public service by The Department of Mathematics at Francis Marion University, includes a biography, images, animations, and related information.

Carlson's Fractal Gallery
A large collection of fractal images created by an artist using his own original software that he also created himself.

Lasse Rempe: Chaos and Fractals Exhibition
An exhibition organized by Dr. Lasse Rempe, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Liverpool, includes a small selection of images and link to an audio slideshow at the BBC.

Fractal Geometry
An introduction to fractals, includes a collection of images showing fractal aspects in the visual arts.

Fractal World Gallery
A collection of pure flame fractals and composites by Cory Ench.

Adam Hauner: Fractal Gallery
Collection of fractal images generated by Fractint.

Fractal Art Contests
An archive for the contests, held annually by the online fractal art community.

Fractals by Vicky
Free desktop wallpaper from fractal art images and posters.

Jay Jacobson's latest fractal art.

Bolenat Psywear
Rave clothing, custom t-shirts and psychedelic art on apparel and posters.

Weiser Ware
Unique and original fractal prints and posters.

Miei Frattali
Fractals of the Italian artist Giovanni De Caro.

Fractal art museum enterprise.
Contains several galleries of fractal images, wallpapers, and music.

Fractals Garden
Fractal gallery featuring the artwork of Alex Bucovineanu, computer generated using TieraZon and PhotoShop.

A Fractal Art Gallery by Ken Keller
Exploring the boundary between creation and discovery. A growing gallery of original fractal images.

Fractal Beauty
Three galleries of magic fractal jewels, black and white art and imagination by Isidoros Printezis.
Over three hundred and ninety fractal images, organized into small galleries, with thumbnails for every one.

3D Strange Attractors
Fish and polynomial strange attractors, Quaternion Julia sets and unusual 3D fractals.

Alicia's Fractals
Collection of fractals generated by Tiera-Zon and Apophysis.

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