Extenze Review

Extenze ReviewExtenze is made by Dish Direct Incorporated, who also goes by Maximizer Health Products Incorporated. Extenze is an herbal and nutritional supplement for all natural penis enlargement or male enhancement. By using their products, they say that you can have increased penis width and length as well as a new found sexual libido and a larger erection with more sexual stamina. But not all was as it seemed with this miracle product for ED and many people started speaking out about bad reactions and worse.

One of the first myths dismissed about their product was the fact that no significant penis growth occurred with men taking their Extenze supplement. In fact people starting complaining almost immediately about problems associated in part with the increased testosterone levels such as mood swings, high blood pressure, dizzy spells, insomnia, heart palpitations and oily skin, just to name a few. Testosterone is used to increase sexual desire and drive but also has many adverse reactions if taken in too high of dosages.

The Better Business Bureau has received many complaints from people all over about Extenze making them physically sick and investigations discovered the lead content was far beyond legal limits; lead poisoning is a very serious conduction that can cause all sorts of problems later in life, even if caught early. Advanced stages of lead poisoning can even lead to death. Extenze was forced to change the chemical make up of their pill. They also had to pay $300,000 in 2006 due to false advertising.

Anyone that reads honest reviews about Extenze, not on their site but independent web sites, will see that Extenze does not get very good consumer ratings. There have also been many complaints about sickness or concerns with the health risks of taking this supplement. Extenze is known to have a very toxic herb in it called anthoparmelia scabrosa. This herb, especially taken in large amounts can act like any toxin in your body and infiltrate and harm it, perhaps permanently over time.

Extenze has not been approved by the FDA for use and with all the complaints and issues with it you may be better off sticking to a Food and Drug Administration approved product. Though many men want bigger penises and a better sex life, they should try a safer way to attain this by purchasing a drug that has been around for a longer period and has more research done to back up the claims of it working.

Is Extenze a Rip Off?

Extenze has been accused of highly misleading advertising and a failure to honor the refund that was posted on their site and advertised in their infomercials. Some blatant lies told were that it would cause significant growth to a man’s penis overnight and make for a better love life instantly; these claims have been disproved with actual facts. There is currently no known substance on earth that can increase the width, length or overall size of a man’s male member and if there was if would be almost impossible to do so overnight with out very serious pain and other side effects.

Now Extenze might be able to increase blood flow, but that also means increased blood flow to areas other than the penis. Therefore things like terrible head aches are common with male enhancement type drugs. Tie in the fact that huge amounts of testosterone will be pumping through your blood, which is in the supplement to give you a greater libido. The testosterone will also commonly give you mood swings, a racing heartbeat, oily and greasy skin and other unpleasant side effects.

Many formal complaints have been noted by The Better Business Bureau and they issued the official statement of: “We rate this company as having an unsatisfactory business performance record based on a pattern of complaints which cause us concern.” The complaints about this product alleged both illness from it and improper treatment of their order and a failure to receive the money back refund advertised on Extenze, plus many multiple charges that were not accounted for and shipping and handling charges not due to them.

People also complained to The Better Business Bureau that Extenze refused to stop sending them the product after they canceled it do to being unsatisfied but they received emails back making excuses as to why but never actually canceling the order. A lot of complainants specifically noted that they did not want to be placed on the renewal program but were placed there anyway against their will and with out their consent.

Most agree that Extenze’s free trial offer is never free and is instead a hook to get you to give your credit card information and keep billing you for products you do not want and ones that do not even work. And even the free help customer service number is there to rip you off, many people report that Extenze charges them a huge amount for calling this number. Even though it is never noted that the customer service number has a charge to call and when you do get through to them they will just tell you it is too late to do anything because your product has already been shipped.

Many people end up paying fifty dollars or more for their supposedly free samples of Extenze. So now that you know this is just a big scam or rip off, if you should call what you can do to avoid this and others like it, is never give out credit cared information to businesses you do not trust.

Extenze and Premature Ejaculation

Although, a concrete definition of premature ejaculation is individual to each person. And includes everything from ejaculating previous to sexual touching to ejaculating before finishing intercourse. Many men face this, in fact the National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS) states that 30% of men think they ejaculate prematurely. Although premature ejaculating is not an illness or medical problem, it is a very big problem with a lot of men’s self esteem and ability to maintain a healthy relationship. There are a lot of urban myths about what you can do to stop this, but most do more damage than good. And some can leave you with a permanent problem with your function because of them.

A safer solution is all natural Extenze, which can help with this problem by giving you more stamina and sexual desire and more blood flow to your member. Extenze is an all natural sexual aid that has many uses such as providing increased libido and sexual pleasure for both partners as well as increases the size, length and girth of your penis. Increasing your partner’s pleasure and possibly yours as well. Extenze is comprised all 100% natural ingredients and particular herbal extracts that boost the sex drive of a man and improve endowment. Extracts like Tribistol and Korean Ginseng, both are well known for their ability to rejuvenating the libido. There is also Testosterone, a natural chemical in your body that will also help you with all your manly hormones.

So if some of those old tricks for not prematurely ejaculating just don’t hold up anymore. Like thinking of something else during sex or concentrating hard on not prematurely ejaculating, which probably lead to a less strong orgasm if they do mange to work, you can’t just anticipate to keep managing this function on your own though, without a little bit of help from Extenze. The prescription medications that do the same things as Extenze are full of un-natural ingredients and are costly with many side effects. Extenze has no known side effects and can be purchased in the privacy of your own home with out ever having to share the embarrassing details of your condition with your doctor.

Extenze, combined with some simple exercises will make your sex like take off like a rocket. As one of the top all natural male enhancement supplements, Extenze will give you a longer and harder erection and will also delay ejaculation. Kegel exercises can also be applied with the taking of Extenze for faster results; Kegel exercises help to strengthen the PC muscles, also known as the pubococcygeus muscles, and are a great way of delaying orgasm and can be done daily and privately.

Extenze works very simply by increasing the blood flow to your male member and over time permitting your penis to take in more blood and keep it there, for longer periods of time. It also delays orgasm and therefore produces a stronger climax when you arrive at it.

Does Extenze Really Work?

Anyone who seeks the all-natural male enhancement product Extenze has the same type of questions; most prominently being does the stuff actually work to increase penis width and length? Well, according to thousands of testimonials from happy customers on their site, the answer is an astounding yes it does! Extenze works by increasing blood flow to all of your parts, the more blood flow the bigger your size, only Extenze works on providing this growth permanently with continued usage, which makes it a better choice than say Viagra which only helps a man maintain an erection, not achieving a bigger penis size over all. Extenze is a safe and all natural pill made from mainly herbal extracts and it is not disapproved by the FDA.

Extenze does not guarantee a certain size you will become but rather assures you that you will increase in size depending upon a variety of factors such as age, size and how often you take Extenze. Extenze is said to be the newest and most advanced treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Enhancement out there on the market at the present time. It has no harmful side effects reported as it is made of all natural ingredients. Extenze can take over a period of several months with daily usage but many see results in just a few short weeks, what ever the case it is really worth it to try this amazing product.

Extenze can also help you with increasing the sexual pleasure of you and your partner as well as your desire, response to intimacy, your performance and subsequent self esteem. Results may vary from individual to individual as everyone is different so don’t be discouraged if Extenze is not working for you right away. You may need to up your dosage or try taking it along with other exercises for male enhancement such as penis pumps. And with no known side effects, you do not have to take your health into account.

Extenze has been featured in many popular magazines like Redbook, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Mademoiselle as well as endorsed by the founder of the Gynecologic Laser Society and The Menopause Society, a doctor Daniel S. Stein. He is also an author on a book called Passionate Sex and the founder of The Foundation for Intimacy and The Stein Medical Institute. Also he is often featured in medical journals all over the world; he is convinced that Extenze can work for you.

Some Extenze reports say that on average their customer’s penises grew 27% larger over a period of three months that is an amazing amount that will give you extra inches. Extenze also helps with sexual desire by increasing testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone that controls both desire and performance; it is a natural hormone made by nature that will not hurt you it in fact will support a very healthy libido for sexual connection. So try Extenze today and remember there are no side effects only effects.

Testosterone is the hormone for both sexual desire and sexual performance. Testosterone is a natural hormone produced in the male and female bodies that supports a healthy libido or desire for sexual connection. Its production in the human body is optimized by essential nutrients, such as zinc, which are blended together and contained in ExtenZe.


Remember that with any type of penis enlargement procedure there are significant risks. This is true whether it is pills, a pump or even surgery, you need to thoroughly investigate every thing you might be interested in. Never trust what someone is telling you just to get you to buy their product as your health is nothing to risk for a nutritional supplement, for all natural penis enlargement or male enhancement that may or may not work. So take your time to fin-the right one for you.


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