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Michael C. Carlos Museum
Permanent collection of ancient Egyptian art.

Gregorian Egyptian Museum
Founded in 1839 by Pope Gregory XVI, contains artefacts from ancient Egypt and Rome, objects are viewable online.

Introduction to Egyptian Art
The collection of ancient Egyptian art at the Metropolitan Museum ranks among the finest outside Cairo. It consists of approximately 36,000 objects of artistic, historical, and cultural importance.

LACMA: Egyptian Art
Collection of around two thousand art objects from the Predynastic period through the early Christian period in Egypt.

LACMA: Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
Images and information including the roles the Gods played in the journey of the dead to the afterlife, from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

LACMA: Egyptian Dynasties & Time Periods
Browse works in the collection in this online exhibition from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

MFA Boston: Art of the Ancient World: Egyptian
The collection includes close to 45,000 objects and spans the period from the Predynastic through early Byzantine eras. Also includes an interactive tour of ancient Egyptian art and civilization including religion, language, history, anthropology, and archaeology.

The Virtual Egyptian Museum
Egyptian and Mediterranean antiquities previously unavailable to the public. Includes an iridescent glass collection, bronze statuettes, scarabs, and the mummy of King Pedibastet, plus interactive reference tools.

The British Museum: Ancient Egypt
Web site on ancient Egypt includes, Egyptian life, geography, mummification, pyramids and more.

The Gates of Heaven: Visions of the World in Ancient Egypt
A Louvre exhibition mini-site featuring around 350 artifacts from ancient Egypt which are placed in their religious, social, and artistic context.

Passport to the Egyptian Afterlife The Book of the Dead of Ramose
An in-depth online exhibition featuring the illustrated papyrus from the Book of the Dead of Ramose, from the Fitzwilliam Museum.

Egyptian Galleries
View objects online from the Egyptian collections of the Fitzwilliam Museum.

The Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt
Includes a virtual tour of the inside of a full-scale reproduction of the tomb of Thutmose III, selected images of objects from the exhibition and other resources, an online presentation from the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.

Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Middle Eastern Art
View over 1,000 objects in the online collections of the Brooklyn Museum.


Egypt Images
Downloadable images of ancient Egyptian artifacts.

Wikipedia: Art of Ancient Egypt
Includes information on symbolism, art periods, forms and more.

Ancient Egyptian Art
Collection of art history resources on the web by Professor Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe, of Sweet Briar College, Virginia.

Crystalinks: Art in Ancient Egypt
Article including information and images, covers pottery, sculpture, hieroglyphics, paintings, and more.

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