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DubturboMy overall experience with the DUBturbo beat making program has been by far the best I’ve ever had with downloadable software. I’m very familiar with music and the different programs and different pieces of hardware that can be purchased to create with. Most of them are expensive to the user, but then again, you get what you pay for right? Well with this beat maker program, some may consider what there doing over deliverance when it comes down to it. Now if your like most people you will not complain about that at all because the more you get the better right?

Well with DUBturbo you have the ability to get that kind of satisfaction. Now I bet your wondering “there is a catch though, right?” Well there is no strings attached with this amazing offer, and the best part is the price! With most beat making software, your expected to pay around $100 or even more, but with DUBturbo your gonna only pay $39.95 USD for a limited time only. Live in a different country? The price will automatically be exchanged to your currency and reflect on the final price.

Now before you think I’m just trying to pitch a quick sale to you, i will have you understand that I’m here for the viewers and would like to pass on good information to them when its available. I’ve been in your shoes before where I wanted to find some good information on a product, a actual user review from someone that will tell the honest truth about what they think about the product. My opinion will be strictly unbiased and I will mention the good and the bad, always. If your felling pretty confident already and believe that you wanna proceed to find out more about this beat making program, click on the link below, or simply proceed to read my opinion on this software.

One of the main thing that caught my attention about this beat making program is the price. Aside from the price the package is loaded with a bunch of bonuses that will help you with the process of using the software, such as training videos, premium sample packs, lifetime updates, royalty free beats for general use. Also, if your not satisfied with the product a FULL 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! The last part I doubt you will need though, because I am pretty confident you’ll love it! The features that this beat making program provides will amaze you within the first week of using it.

One of the main features i like is how you can use your keyboard to play the sounds your using. Use the letters for playing piano, and use the numeric keys for your drum kits, sort of like a MPC. Another feature about this software to make beats with, and when i say beats i mean any genre of beats you like, is the ease of loading different kits up. No more digging through numerous folders to find your samples and loading them up anymore, because now its really a 3 click process. Simply click the edit drum kit button and you get a drop down list of all your sounds. Click on the folder you want to use and its as simple as that. Now you use your numeric keys and you have your standard 1-10 possible sounds you will use when you make beats.

If your still here reading along, then you obviously wanna know more about how to make beats on your computer, so i will give you just that. Now if your new to making music on your computer and your not to familiar with the layout of most software, you would normally have a hard time understanding how to utilize the software to its full potential. No problem with the DUBturbo beat making program, because when you download TODAY you will receive step by step tutorial videos to help you get started.

Pros of using DUBturbo:

  • High quality for a cheap price.
  • Easy to use.
  • Make beats at home or on the go.
  • Tutorial videos to help you with the software.
  • 60 day money back guarantee.
  • Reliable customer support team.

Cons of using DUBturbo:

  • You may experience a little lagging while using software.
  • No additional effects such as compressors or reverb.
  • No fast forward or rewind button.

I’ve provided you with some useful information that should hopefully help you with your decision on which beat maker software you should choose. Obviously I went with DUBturbo since I’m writing a review on it for the general audience. Still today I use this music beat maker to make my beats with and I still love it. Of course with every beat making software there is going to be pros and cons but with DUBturbo the pros outweigh the cons majorly.

There is a lot of things that i do with the beats I create with this beat making program: sell some of them, use some of them for my own personal use, or give them away to other artists for free promotional use. I must say that I’ve honestly sold a majority of them due to the quality of them and I have made a decent amount of money with them as well. Within the first week of using the DUBturbo software I have sold 2 beats, which actually put the money I paid for the program back in my pocket and made a little extra for my efforts, which really only took me 20 min each beat. You really can’t lose in this situation using this beat maker program because everything is risk free. If your not satisfied within 60 days, simply get a full refund. I dare you to take the DUBturbo challenge, guarantee you’ll love it!

IMPORTANT: Dubturbo has been discontinued. If You search for an alternative, check out Dr.Drum


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