Dragon Art

View a collection of images representing dragons in art dating from around 1470 to 1884. See below for links to related online museum and library exhibitions, as well as links to notable artists.

The following works depict a hero rescuing a maiden from a monster, a common theme occurring in legends and literature from around the world and inspiring countless artists to create their own versions of scenes from these stories.

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Girolamo da Carpi

An untold number of important works of art have been inspired by the Holy Bible including the following images portraying the great red dragon (Satan) from the Book of Revelation.


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Museum Exhibits

Mythic Creatures
A section of a larger exhibit from the American Museum of Natural History that includes images and information about Asian and European dragons as well as a selection of other mythic creatures.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History: Dragon
View around 66 objects in the subject index including bowls, textiles, paintings, drawings, and related works.

MFA Images
An online tour of Japanese and Chinese dragons from the permanent collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston that includes hanging scrolls, paintings, and other items dating from the 13th to the 19th century.

Dragons in Paintings
Around 47 paintings from the collections of the National Gallery of Art, London.

Brooklyn Museum: Dragon
View images in the online collections of the Brooklyn Museum, also includes related collections.

Philadelphia Museum of Art
A small presentation of objects from the museum's collections including two Korean jars and a Chinese plate.

The Getty
View around 220 objects related to dragons in the museum's online collection.

V&A: Dragons
View more than 1,000 objects in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum including vessels, jewelry, tiles, manuscript illustrations, textiles, and more.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
View around 138 items online including paintings, vessels, fashion designs, and other objects plus related exhibitions.

Image Collections

NYPL: Dragons
View around 76 items in the New York Public Library's digital collections including mostly book illustrations with some from Renaissance and medieval manuscripts.

Medieval Bestiary : Dragon Gallery
A collection of illustrations from the Middle Ages.

China the Beautiful
View dragons in ancient Chinese ceramics, paintings, and textiles.

Dinosaurs and Dragons
A collection of illustrations dating from before 1270 to 1898, includes detailed information for each image.

ArtMagick: Dragon
Includes a selection of images by artists such as Frederic Leighton, William Blake, Walter Crane, and others.

Notable Artists

Chris Achilleos
View images online from this well known artist best known for his fantasy and science fiction book covers and illustrations.

Clyde Caldwell
Fantasy illustrations covering a variety of subjects.

Includes prints, books, and images from The Book of the Dragon.

Michael Whelan
Collections of fantasy, horror, and science fiction book cover illustrations.

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