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Burn The Fat Feed The MuscleThis is a review of Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle, a book by Tom Venuto. Tom Venuto is a bodybuilder, and a damn good one at that. More than that though, Tom is known for his personal training, nutrition consulting and most famously for his book – Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. This book has been around for nearly a decade now, and is still recognized as one of the best books on health and fitness to date. Anthony Ellis, another incredible fitness guru, author of his own successful books.

So, onto the Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle review.

First things first: On tom’s sales page, the first thing we see about Burn the Fat Feed The Muscle is his guarantee to have you transform your body (we guess that means get thin) in 49 days (a month and a half). Now, that’s a pretty impressive and big claim to make. So can Burn the Fat back it up?

Well, as it turns out, yes it can! A guy called Mike Ogorek lost 137 pounds using Tom’s Burn the Fat Feed The Muscle book, transforming him from an overweight nice guy, into a lean mean power machine. Judging from the photos we were shown, it’s a legit claim, and the difference in the before and after photos is remarkable; Mike’s face has transformed from a round balloon like shape, into a chiseled, masculine shape, with a prominent chin and sharp jawline.

Another woman, Bonnie VanNiekerk, lost 8 kg over 3 months, and a further 15 kg over 8 months, a very big weight loss. Again, looking at the pictures, we can’t believe how good she looks. It’s even more incredible when you read through her testimonial and find out that she’s actually a 40 year old mother! We were speechless.

So what exactly does Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle contain, that makes it such an epic guide to shedding those unwanted pounds and giving you that figure you’ve always dreamed about?

Here is a list of contents of each chapters

  • Chapter 1: Goal Setting
  • Chapter 2: 8 Strategies To Lose Fat
  • Chapter 3: Body Composition
  • Chapter 4: Charting Your Progress
  • Chapter 5: Body Type
  • Chapter 6: Calorie Balance
  • Chapter 7: Meal Frequency and Timing
  • Chapter 8: Macronutrient Ratios
  • Chapter 9: Fats
  • Chapter 10: Protein
  • Chapter 11: Carbohydrates
  • Chapter 12: Carbohydrate Cycling
  • Chapter 13: Water
  • Chapter 14: Designing An Eating Plan
  • Chapter 15: Supplements
  • Chapter 16: Cardio
  • Chapter 17: Weight Training

As you can see, most of the chapters have very general titles. Now usually that would ring alarm bells in our heads, but we gave Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle a chance, and had a read through. As it turns out, the content of the book is incredibly well composed and is packed full of useful info. This isn’t just some stupid book, full of useless facts; it actually helps you step by step to lose that unwanted weight.

Want more details? Check out this quick video review…

Overall, we loved Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle. It’s a very comprehensive book, and while aimed at beginners and newbies to weight loss, also contains some valuable gems of information to those already experienced in health. All in all, Burn the Fat Feed The Muscle is a great book, and definitely something you should put down on your wish list.

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle reviews


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