Body Art

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MFA: Under the Skin: Tattoos in Japanese Prints
A Museum of Fine Arts, Boston presentation of a selection of prints that explore the iconography, social background, and visual wonder of mid 19th century Japanese tattoo art.

PBS: Skin Stories
The art and culture of Polynesian tattoos, includes stories and images from New Zealand, Samoa, Maui, and California.

Body Art: Marks of Identity
The American Museum of Natural History exhibit of objects and images from around the world dating from 3000 B.C. to present.

Bodies of Cultures
An online exhibition featuring both ancient and modern body modification including tattooing, piercing, body painting, and more from the University of Pennsylvania Museum.

The Real Me: Therapeutic Narrative in Cosmetic Surgery
A body modification mini-site from the University of Pennsylvania Museum.

Australian Museum: Body Art
A site that explores many forms of body modification including scarification, shaping, and painting. Also includes online tattoo and piercing image galleries.

Medical Museum: The Cultural Body
Includes images and information about body painting, tattooing, clothing used to reshape the body, elongated necks, foot binding, skull shaping, tooth alterations and more.

National Geographic: Body Art
Photo gallery of tattoos, piercings, and body markings from a variety of different cultures.

WorldImages: Body Art
A selection of images related to body art from the WorldImages database, California State University IMAGE Project.

Canela Body Adornment
A small selection of photographs from the William H. Crocker collection.


Medical Museum: Footbinding
Information about how footbinding began and why it was done.

Museum of Anthropology: Chinese Lotus Shoes
An introduction to footbinding and lotus shoes with a small image collection.

History of Footwear: Lotus Shoe
Includes an introduction to the origins of footbinding, the rationale and binding process, construction, colors, and the role of the shoes in marriage.

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