The Best Biceps/Triceps Workouts At Home

Efficient-Triceps-WorkoutWho says no one can workout their triceps at home? Working out at home can be one of the best ways to have a concentration in doing exercises and losing tons of weight, but working out inside the gym or being active with a lot of sports can be other great options to have. But for people who desire to work out their triceps just by staying at home, this article will give you the three best triceps workouts that are easy to perform without going to the gym. And weights are not really a problem at all. If the gym has weights, then the house has furniture, and you can use objects inside your house as your weights when you perform such defying workouts.

The three best triceps workouts at home are considered to be the most important routines of the triceps workouts – the Close Grip Push Up, the Triceps Dip and the Lying Triceps Extension. First in the list of the best triceps workouts that can be done at home is the Close Grip Push Up. This program or routine is similar to the Close Grip Bench Press, and is one of those triceps workouts that target the core of the triceps. And now, it can be done at home. The Close Grip Push Up is being done by positioning yourself to a Push Up attempt, placing your hands that are 6 inches apart, and lowering yourself and keeping your elbows locked. This routine was found to be difficult, but if you get used to it, you can put some weight on your back to add tension to your triceps. Then the next triceps workout is the Triceps Dip. To perform this workout, you will need two flat and sturdy surfaces of equal height such as tables, chairs and benches. Then place your hand on the two objects to support your weight, bend your legs straight and lower your body until your hands is already parallel to your chest. This time, your elbows must not be locked.

Lastly, the third triceps workout that can be done at home is the Lying Triceps Extension. This workout is among the best triceps workouts for home and gym exercises because of the benefit that it isolates our triceps, and through complete and extensive isolation of the muscles of the triceps, the growth will be fast and in shape. The Lying Triceps Extension is being done by lying down in the ground or on a bench, holding a weight with both hands that are 5 to 8 inches spaced out, and extending your arms to the back of your head, forming a V-shaped, which triggers the isolation the triceps’ muscles.

These are the three best triceps workout that can be done inside your home. And just like working out the muscles of the biceps, the triceps workout should be done slowly and not too much. Perform these triceps workout in 3 sets of about 6 to 8 repetitions. And when you feel that your triceps needs more weight to lift, search for heavier objects inside your house. For the timeframe, working out your triceps with these home exercises should covers a period of 15 to 25 minutes only.

How About Biceps?

Do you want to have those perfectly toned biceps ripping exercises without working in a gym but just staying at home? Then this article introduces to you the best biceps workout that you can perform at home to rip those fats in your arms and perfectly shape your biceps out. These biceps ripping workouts will not just help you rip those biceps into well-toned and muscular, but also these home biceps workouts target other parts of your body to help you stay fit and proportioned. And these biceps routines include the Pull Ups, Concentration Curls, Dumbbell Hammer Curls, Double Dumbbell Curls and the Chainsaw.

It is best to perform these biceps ripping exercises if you have dumbbells at home, but you can still execute these workouts by using heavy objects inside your house. Start with the first three best biceps exercise – the Pull Ups, Concentration Curls and the Dumbbell Hammer Curls. The Pull Ups is considered to be one of the best workouts for biceps. All you need is to find a bar that is higher than you and is attached to a strong foundation in your home. To perform the Pull Ups, hold the bar with your hands, hang from it and start to pull yourself upwards until the bar touches your chin, or to your chest for tighter and extreme workout. This workout is difficult to do at first, but through perseverance, you will find it very easy to do. Then the Concentration Curls is next in the list. Do this by getting some weight, either a dumbbell or a heavy object, then sitting down in a bench while holding the weight, and slowly curling up the weight up to your shoulder.

Do this alternately on both hands. Last in the first three is the Dumbbell Hammer Curls. This time, you are in standing positions, with a weight in each hand. Perform this biceps ripping exercises by placing the weights on both side of your body, arm stretched, and then alternately curl the weights up until it reaches your shoulders.

The last biceps ripping exercises are the Double Dumbbell Curls and the Chainsaw. To perform the Double Dumbbell Curls, hold a weight in underhand gripping, place your hands in front of your thighs, and slowly curl them simultaneously towards your chest. Perform again this workout in overhand gripping. On the other hand, the Chainsaw is being performed by placing yourself in a running position, then holding a weight and raising it up to your chest, just like sawing a wood or metal.

These are the best biceps ripping exercises that can be done at home. Through these home exercises, you can able to get that perfectly shaped biceps all the way. But remember to workout the other parts of your body as well, so that your body is always in proportion. But these home biceps ripping exercises target your shoulders, chest, triceps and your abs. Working-out at home is one convenient way to get that muscular biceps that you desire to have.


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