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Museums and Exhibits

African American Museums

National Museum of African Art
Smithsonian Institution features African art from antiquity to the present.

Cycles: African Life Through Art
An interactive exhibit exploring themes in African art using works from the Indianapolis Museum of Art's African collection, includes commentary from artists, photography and music.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: African Art
Central, Eastern, Southern, and Western African art images and information.

Michael C. Carlos Museum: Sub-Saharan African Art
Collection of 19th and 20th century African art focusing on cultures in Nigeria, Benin, the Cameroon Grassfields, and Zaire.

Yale University Art Gallery: African Art
Collection of over 1,000 objects in ceramic, wood, metal, and other materials, including the Linton Collection of African Art, a small selection of images are available online.

Art Institute of Chicago
View around 400 works in the African collections online.

African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning
Online exhibit of objects selected to exemplify African aesthetic and moral principles, includes some of the finest pieces from the Bayly Art Museum, most of the works are from West Africa.

The Art of the African Mask
An online exhibition of African masks representing spirit beings, departed ancestors, and invisible icons of power.

Bayly Museum
Collection of images from the University of Virginia Bayly Museum.

CAAC: Contemporary African Art Collection
The largest private collection of contemporary African art in the world, includes works by artists in sub-Saharan Africa.

Art from Africa: Long Steps Never Broke a Back
An interactive exhibit featuring ten artists and scholars who have works displayed at the Seattle Art Museum.

Museum for African Art
An independent institution dedicated to promoting the understanding and appreciation of African art and culture.

Archive of African Artists
The National Museum of African Art Library collection of over 2,000 files on contemporary African artists.

Brooklyn Museum: Arts of Africa and the Pacific Islands
View around 377 objects in the online collections of the Brooklyn Museum.

Mead Art Museum: Daniels Gallery
More than 300 objects of art from West Africa with selected works viewable online.

MFA Boston: African
Explore African art in this online tour of around 66 images from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


Warren M. Robbins Library, National Museum of African Art
The world's foremost resource center for the research of African visual arts with over 32,000 volumes on African art, culture, and history.

Art History Resources on the Web: African Art
The arts of Africa from ancient to contemporary compiled by Professor Christopher Witcombe, Department of Art History, Sweet Briar College, Virginia.

African Art on the Internet
Selected internet resources prepared by Karen Fung, Curator, African Collection, Stanford University Libraries.

African Studies: Art and Archaeology of Africa
Internet resources for African art and archaeology studies from Columbia University.

Introduction to African Art and Architecture
Site of Professor Henry Drewal of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, includes information, digital images, and maps.

University of Pennsylvania: African Images
Multimedia archives including maps, sculptures, masks, flags, and more.

Wikipedia: African Art
Describes traditional and contemporary African art by country and its influence on Western art.

African Influence

African Art and Picasso
African art has inspired artists working in various styles and media including works by Picasso and Matisse.

African Influences in Modern Art
A thematic essay from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, includes in depth information and images.

The Black Arts Movement
Perceptions of African American visual art and the Black Arts Movement.

Picasso's African Period
Information about Pablo Picasso's painting style which was strongly influenced by African sculpture.


Museum of the African Diaspora, an international museum committed to displaying the best art, culture and history from the African Diaspora.

Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, addresses contemporary social, political and economic issues affecting people of the African Diaspora through visual art.

African Studies: Diaspora
A list of resources from the Columbia University Libraries.

African Diaspora
Information from Colorado College.

In Motion
The African American Migration Experience includes geography, a timeline, source materials, and educational materials.

African Diaspora Archaeology Network
Provides archaeological and interdisciplinary studies of African diasporas with information and links to other web resources related to the of descendants of the African people.

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